What is the Difference between Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu

Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu are the kinds of special meal in Japan. In Japan, many people claimed that this is a kind of luxurious meals that is made from many expensive ingredients. Sometimes, you can even find that this meal is made from premium meat such as Wagyu beef that is really popular and really expensive. Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu is actually two different meals. Below are some different of those foods.


Sukiyaki is a food that is cooked from the thin slices of beefs, vegetables and tofu in an iron pot that is cooked above the table with the boiling technique. Sukiyaki can be enjoyed by immersing the slice of beefs inside mixed eggs. Some kinds of vegetables that you can find are Bombay onion, garlic leaves, shitake mushroom, shungiku and enoki mushroom. As the compliments, there are some ingredients that you can meet such as the konnyaku or shirataki like a transparent noodle with a little bit grey color. There are two versions of Sukiyaki that you can find; they are the sukiyaki from Kansai district and sukiyaki from Kanto district. These types of Sukiyaki have the different ingredients, taste and also different serving way.

Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese food that is included to Nabemono food. It has some really thin slices of beefs that will be immersed in a special designed pot that is filled with boiled water and placed above the table. To enjoy shabu shabu, you just need to take the slice of the beef and immerses it on the pot until the beef is cooked enough. The doneness is based on your liking. After that, can eat this cooked beef with sauce that contains some ingredients like sesame seeds (gomadare or ponzu). Inside the pot, you can also see some other ingredients such as vegetables, kuzukiri and tofu. Besides using the beef, shabu shabu can also use the other meats such as the chicken meat, sheep meats, fugu, squids and snapper fish meat. Gyushabu is the name of shabu shabu that uses beefs on it. In Hokkaido, the sheep meats shabu shabu is called Ramushabu. Meanwhile, the pork meats shabu shabu is called Tonshabu or Butashabu. Meanwhile in Nagoya, the chicken shabu shabu is called the Nagoya Kochin or Niwatorishabu. So now you know the name of each shabu shabu. Now shabu shabu is really easy to find in many Japanese restaurants in all over the world.

The main difference between these two Japanese foods is from the water. We can see that the water on shabu shabu doesn’t contain any ingredients, so it is tasteless. Meanwhile, sukiyaki contains some ingredients on the water like sugar, ketchup, sake, etc. The water is brownie and there is an egg that is served. This scrambled egg is used when the beef is done. You can immerse the beef on this scrambled egg and then eat the meat.

Your Guide to Steak Doneness

Knowing steak doneness can be really hard for some of them who are not an expert on this case. It is because many people do still not know about this problem. Maybe they thought that it this is not that important. However, it will become really important if you wanted to open a steak house or if you wanted to cook steak as the main meals on your special event. That is why; you have to read this article to know about your steak doneness.

Medium Rare

The first steak doneness is the medium rare. This steak must have the internal temperature between 55 up to 57 Celsius degree. This steak has to be warm and you will see a little red color in the middle of the steak. The side part of the steak is usually having a brownie color with dark brown color at the steak surface and at the bottom part. This steak has to be heavy at the surface but moist in the middle. You can grill this steak for about 2 – 3 minutes each sides for getting the medium rare doneness.


The medium steak has for about 60 – 65 Celsius degree for its internal temperature. This steak must have brownie pink color in the middle. The side part must have a brown color, where the surface and bottom of the steak have to be a little bit burnt. This steak is most enough in the middle and it can be tasted at the surface as well. You can burn this steak in hot temperature for about 5- 6 minutes long for every sides of the steak. However, it depends on the grill that you use. Usually, this medium steak doneness is the most popular steak doneness that is wanted by most of the people. This is a kind of steak that most suitable for party or event with a lot of guests.

Well Done

The internal temperature for well done steak is 77 Celsius degree or more. One thing to note is that this steak must be not burnt outside although you have to make sure that the steak is cooked perfectly. This steak doesn’t have any pink colors in the middle. The middle of a well done steak has to be brown enough, but it must not burn. This steak must be heavy enough when you touched it with your hand. Well done steak is the most difficult steak to cook. The secret in making this steak is by cooking it slowly with low temperature as well. This is the only way that you can do to avoid the burn and make sure that the middle of the steak is cooked perfectly. You can grill this steak for about 10 up to 12 minutes long for each sides of the steak. Well done steak is one of the most popular steak doneness that is loved by a lot of people. That is why; you have to know how to make a well done steak is.

5 Kinds of Floor for Modern Minimalist Kitchen

There are many kinds of kitchen floor that we can choose. They have some varied colors and size that you can chose based on your needs and budget as well. Besides that, these tiles are also perfect for the walls, countertops and backsplash. Below are five kinds of kitchen floors that you can choose for your modern minimalist kitchen.

  1. Ceramics

Ceramics tiles are made from the clay that is heated with a really high temperature. Because of this process, the ceramics tiles have a strong durability and heat resistant. Some advantages that you can get by purchasing the ceramics tiles are like the long durability, cheap and it comes in many kinds of colors and sizes.

  1. Vinyl

The second material that usually use for kitchen floor is vinyl. Vinyl is a type of tiles that is commonly used in renovating the kitchen floors. It is because this tile has a great look and unique look as well. This tile is cheaper than the ceramics tile, stone and porcelain. Vinyl tile is perfect for the kitchen floor, but it is not good for kitchen room that needs a hard floor. If you wanted to give a different touch for your kitchen, you have to choose this tile.

  1. Porcelain

Porcelain tile is a kind of popular tiles that can be used for kitchen floor. One of the pros of this tile is that the porcelain tile is made from the same materials from the upper part up to the bottom part. It makes the porcelain tiles retain from the scratches. Maybe, this is a kind of perfect tile that you can use for your kitchen floor, especially for you who want a strong and clean floor for your kitchen.

  1. Glass

Have you ever imagines having a kitchen floor that is made from glass? In the past time, this is maybe an impossible thing to have. However, at the present time you can use this kind of tile on your kitchen. This glass is different from the other glass materials that we can find on some goods, such as mirror. Nowadays, the glass tile is becoming really popular to be used for a kitchen floor. It is because this glass tile can give more elegant and unique look. This tile is perfect to be used for countertops, floor, backsplashes and wall.

  1. Stainless Steel

If you had many kinds of kitchen appliances that are made from stainless steel, so the stainless steel tile is maybe a perfect option for you. Instead of using the metal layer, nowadays there are many kinds of stainless steel tile that are made from varied shapes and designs. The stainless steel is perfect for the backsplash kitchen. Using this kind of tile will make your kitchen is looker cleaner, more neat and wider as well. You can combine this tile with many stainless steel appliances on your kitchen. Combine the stainless steel tiles with white kitchen cabinets can be a great idea as well.

Make these 5 Nutritious Soups for Your Children when they got Influenza

Influenza can make children was not having a good mood to eat something. This is not good because they still need to eat for making them fit and healthy again. Some inputs like water, juices and the other meals are really important because their body needs more energy. For this case, soup is a perfect meal that you can give to your children when they got influenza. Soup is easy to digest and it rich in nutrition as well. Below are some kinds of soups that you can make for your children when they got influenza.

  1. Chicken and Vegetables Soup

You can make some meatballs that are made from chicken and your children will love it. You can give a limpid sauce on this soup and complete it with some vegetables that are sliced in small size. Give a small portion of this soup to your children. It will make them more interested to eat this food.

  1. Tuber Cream Soup

Sweet tubers are rich in beta carotene that can increase the immunity of your children. Besides that it has a sweet, soft texture and it is easy to swallow. That is why; this is a perfect soup that you have to make for your children who got influenza.

  1. Potatoes and Sweet Corn Soup

Potatoes and corns are the kinds of good carbohydrate sources. It is needed to recover your children health. This soup has a soft texture with sweet taste that makes this soup is easier to swallow. You can cut some vegetables with small sizes and cooked it until it is soft enough to eat.

  1. Carrots, Potatoes and Chicken Meatballs Soup

Carrots, potatoes and chicken meatballs soup is the next food that suits for your children when they got influenza. You can make this soup by using chicken stock. It will give a really delicious and tasty flavor on that soup. You can also add some other ingredients such as chicken meatballs, carrots and many mother vegetables that will give more vitamin and mineral on this soup. This is a great soup recipe that you have to make for your children. They will love the flavor and this nutritious soup is good for them.

  1. Potatoes Cream Soup

The next kind of delicious and nutritious soup that you can give to your children is the potatoes cream soup. If your children got cough, this tasty and creamy soup can be a great meal to give more energy. This is a really delicious food and it is easy to swallow. You can also eat this soup with some bread. Cut this bread into small size and immerse that bread into that soup.

Those are some kinds of delicious and nutritious soups that you can give to your children when they got influenza and cough. Those soups can be a perfect energy sources for your children and it can be a great source to recover your children health.

Why the Melting Cheese Tastes Better

Melting cheese is not only visually beautiful, but also tastes really good. As we knew, many people love to eat some foods with melting cheese on it. There are some kinds of food with melting cheese that we can find nowadays such as burger, pizza, nachos, bread and many more delicious foods. Now the question is that, how the melting cheese can taste really good? Many people agreed that the taste of melting cheese is so unique, delicious, creamy and of course different with the solid cheese that we usually buy. This statement can be supported by many opinions and researches that were done by some experts. Below are the further detail that we will share.

Melting cheese is made from many little cheese blocks that is melted with the temperature of 65 Celsius degree. In that time, the milk protein matrix that creates the cheese structure was broken and it becomes a melting cheese. Some researches in Netherland did an experiment on a vanilla custard found a description of creamy on dessert depends on some factors such as viscosity, homogeneity, texture and the appearance of surface.

A researcher named Rene de Wijk from “Wageningen UR’s Food & Biobased Research” said the test subject prefer to choose custard with smooth friction on mouth. According to him, the same factor can happen on the melting cheese. A book writer of Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen, Harold McGee, was also added that the warm feeling from melting cheese can be a unique fun. There is also an opinion from Wall Street Journal that supports this. Wall street Journal states that the melting cheese gives a special taste that is different with the taste of common cheese. Hot temperature gives or adding a flavor of the cheese.

The taste of this melting cheese will be perfectly matched with the other foods or ingredients that contain some fats on it. It will create the perfect flavor and taste. As we knew that most people love the fatty foods. Ivan de Araujo, a researcher in Yale University, learns how the nerves system responds a fatty food. The result is that some receptors that are located at mouth, whether it was because of evolution or individual learning, is more active on some foods with a lot of calories and oily texture. Furthermore, fat is called as the sixth tastes that is recognized by human, even from the smell. There are also some people who said that the taste of melting cheese is the fifth flavor after some flavors such as sweet, salty, acid and biter. This kind of flavor is usually founded on some foods such as ketchup, stock and nori or sea grass.

Those are some researches and opinions that can support the fact that melting cheese is always taste better. Now you know the answer and reason and you are ready to make more melting cheese.